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“Business-in-a-box” idea for you.

My “BEST” post (so far) !

If you are waiting to start your business, then this is for you.

1. Go to WordPress and start a blog.

2. Go to http://wpbeginner.com and sign up for tips.

3. Pick a topic, for now let’s say: nature.

4. Write related blog posts. Drive traffic and build an in-house list of subscribers.

5. Find other related nature websites and do joint ventures, and get them to do a guest blog post.

6.Set up an Amazon affiliate account and sell Nature related products on your site.
How to here:

7. Go to “click bank” and do the same.
How to here:

8. Go to http://coffeedetective.com and study the site. The owner does minimal (NOT a lot) effort on this site and STILL makes $3-4,000 a month. (Last I checked)
Do the same and have people send in their nature pictures (not coffee).

9. Email your in-house list with offers to your “amazon affiliate” products…OF COURSE!

10. Keep repeating and growing. And make millions $$$ !

(NOTE: I just gave you so much information here, you have NO EXCUSE to not take action. You should probably be spanked if you don’t take action…No EXCUSES!).

Stay Awesome!


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I was on a business forum and an individual new to sales was wondering how to build leads.

I was inspired, so I gave this individual a simple business-in-a-box for generating leads by direct mail and blogging.

I had to edit it slightly to protect the privacy of individuals and their names, but the content is ALL there.

Good luck to you and your endeavors,

Mac Bull

Here it is:

Hello (name removed for privacy),

Congratulations on your new position.

I would take all of the advice already given to heart. People have offered a lot of great information.


I am going to take it one step further. Because I know how tough sales can be. Especially when starting out.


I here is a small “business-in-a-box” for generating leads that you can implement right away.

I would start a blog. Blog about the company, what it does, success stories, and the works.

Next take your company list and/or get a list from http://www.infousa.com (or any other similar site). At infousa.com you can fine tune your list via the categories.

Then you are going to do a post card mailing to this list. On the post card you should include a URL link to a section on your blog where they can download a white paper. The secret is to have it set up so that they give you a name and an email address to get the white paper.

Now you can build a list of qualified prospects.

Best of luck,
Mac Bull


I hope you found value from this. So if you like this or hate this, I want to hear about it. So go ahead and leave a comment in the comment section below.


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