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“Business-in-a-box” idea for you.

My “BEST” post (so far) !

If you are waiting to start your business, then this is for you.

1. Go to WordPress and start a blog.

2. Go to http://wpbeginner.com and sign up for tips.

3. Pick a topic, for now let’s say: nature.

4. Write related blog posts. Drive traffic and build an in-house list of subscribers.

5. Find other related nature websites and do joint ventures, and get them to do a guest blog post.

6.Set up an Amazon affiliate account and sell Nature related products on your site.
How to here:

7. Go to “click bank” and do the same.
How to here:

8. Go to http://coffeedetective.com and study the site. The owner does minimal (NOT a lot) effort on this site and STILL makes $3-4,000 a month. (Last I checked)
Do the same and have people send in their nature pictures (not coffee).

9. Email your in-house list with offers to your “amazon affiliate” products…OF COURSE!

10. Keep repeating and growing. And make millions $$$ !

(NOTE: I just gave you so much information here, you have NO EXCUSE to not take action. You should probably be spanked if you don’t take action…No EXCUSES!).

Stay Awesome!


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Here it is…

Recession Beater


Your online English language (or any other language) conversation school.

1. Go to forums to introduce yourself and your new venture. Some forums  even have an off topic zone where you can advertise such endeavors, or you can contact the owner directly and buy some advertising space on the forum. You can also set up a Twitter account and a Facebook business page/fan page to promote your language conversation school. You can Google search language forums, then go and promote.

What?…You want an example?…Okay, here is an English forum to get you started:

279,739 members at http://www.usingenglish.com/forum/

2. Set up a Paypal account at http://www.paypal.com

3. Set up a set number of lesson times for the month. You can confirm times and dates of the next lesson at the end of each online meeting. Send a reminder by email that day. Charge a reasonable fee. Do not start the meetings/lessons until the deposit for the month has been made to Paypal.

4. You can use Skype to do video web lessons. Skype is free, then you can upgrade to a paid service after you start to build your online business. Set up a Skype account at: http://www.skype.com

5. If you are nervous about “teaching” you can run down to the book store and get yourself a textbook and CD for under $20. Check out: Side By Side, Person-to-Person or Interchange…just to name a few. There are even books for specifically teaching conversation like: Let’s Talk About It or Impact Topics.

6. If you REALLY want to establish yourself, don’t rely only on 3rd party websites. Go to http://godaddy.com or http://hostgator.com or whatever you like and get your own proper website.

7. Be brave and do it! You are going to make “X” number of mistakes anyway, so just get out there and make it happen. That way you will learn, develop, and grow your business.

By the way, if you have some other idea, the basic outline here is easily adaptable to a number of other online business plans.

7 steps to your online business. Easy and fun. And at a start up cost that is under $100.

Good luck to you and your endeavors,

Mac Bull

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