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Wide or Deep?


This is likely to be a short post, because the answer is so obvious that I probably don’t even need to say it, but get on good old “Flakebook” (Facebook) and you will find people asking:

“How can I be authentic?”



Are you (expletive deleted) kidding me?!

OK…deep breath, I will stop there before I explode into a verbally violent rant.

(Sorry to those wanting…maybe next time.)


Alright, back to it then…

Question: Wide or deep?
Answer: Deep.




Oh, an explanation.


You have two slices of bread.

One slice has a layer of peanut butter thinly spread, but it reaches all the corners and covers the entire slice. However, the truth is it will fall short of satisfying, and the “real” gaps will reveal themselves. In business, this can come in the form of customer or client objections.


This my friends is “wide”.


The other slice has a thick coat of peanut butter. That thick and heavy covering “naturally” covers the slice to all corners, and yet, still manages to maintain a thick quality covering. So filling and satisfying. I’m smiling just thinking about chomp down time on that slice of bread covered in peanut butter.


This is of course “deep”.


In business, an objections or other issues will easily be thwarted or managed by this effort, knowledge, or even product or service.


So, how does one achieve this?

Diligent Time + Sound Effort = Deep


In other words, do your homework.


Let’s say you are doing a handful of case studies to fulfill a quota.


But don’t produce “soggy cookie” quality, just because it is quota filler. Do the homework, if your “snaggle-gooked” for time, outsource to a copywriter (No sorry, not a pitch for my services). Look:

1. Do the deep dive.
2. Interview the experts.
3. Record the conversation.
4. Have your key questions ready to keep the interview on target, this will pay off BIG TIME later when you transcribe (or have it transcribed), so that it is already in an orderly fashion and can be divided into sections much easier, and then flushed out into the standard 2-4 page case study. Yeah okay, or more if required. A case study on a new to market piece of tech or software might be a good reason for this.


Might be.

Remember that.


Again, bottom line, do the work.

That’s deep.



Stay awesome,


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The last three days for me have been insane. And I don’t mean in a good way.


Remember, I am the American copywriter in Japan. And it has been visa renewal time. The main thing with my visa is that it is the basis and support for others very close to me. My visa buckles and everything falls apart for not only me, but others as well. It’s a little stressful. It has been especially stressful the past three days as I take the trains between immigration and city hall. It’s an hour in each direction. Back and forth…back and forth…




I have been given the wrong documents. I have been given misinformation. I have wasted time filling out pages of personal information, only to be told that it’s wrong—use this one. I have had a bit of a rough ride.




I know that if I get stressed out by this stupidness, I will crumble, I will loose all focus, drive, and get nothing done. I told myself to keep my head clear. I carried my cel phone. I also carried my notebook and pen, and my laptop with internet connection.


In addition, I kept inspiring marketing reading and audio materials handy. On the train, in the waiting room, in the cafe, and any other time all this running around was cutting into my work day and wasting my time…I rose above…and I Crushed It!


I had my tools of the trade with me. I made important phone calls, took notes, wrote this blog post, checked important emails, and got all this silly visa stuff worked out too.


Don’t let the walls block you. Keep your tools of the trade handy. You know your profession, so you know hat tools you need. Then no matter what comes your way, you will have a productive day. And all the others can cry about what a bad

day they had.


Be strong.


Good luck to you and your endeavors,

Mac Bull



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