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Yes, you read the title correctly.

Because your email is the same.
If it “stinks” everyone is going to know it.

Which means, if your email is:
-Long and boring
-Short and boring
(Zzzzzz—sleeping—your email has bored them to sleep!)
-Dry content
…and so on.

You have just committed “seppuku” by email.
That means no sales and loss of:
-Customer interest
-Movement through your sales funnel
-And more


Long emails or short emails…it doesn’t matter.
(Long emails won’t get read—MYTH!)

If you have interesting information, that entertains and informs, then your emails will get read. And sales will be made, as customers and clients get pulled through your sales funnel.

That’s it.
Use it and succeed.

I know that you are a smart and savvy business professional. So I know that you understand this tip can also be used in other forms of marketing.

The key has been put in your hand, now open the door to email success.

Stay Awesome,
PS…If you’re ready for email success, then contact me today.

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