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Recently I was in a business forum and there was a comment about an individual
struggling within a certain industry.

As always I gave my advice. 
(Names and the like have been removed to respect the individual's privacy.)

Here it is:

I am sorry to hear that your friend is struggling with getting leads and the like.

I have heard others say this, too.
They blame the economy...I don't.

It's all about the following 3 things:

1. Properly positioning yourself.
2. Optimizing and revising your marketing strategy.
3. Having a system.

For example:

If the trade publications are telling me that 10% of my time MUST be devoted 
to marketing, then I am going to put in 20%.

Forgive me.

I'm militant. 
But I am not sitting on the sideline. 
I'm not blaming the economy. 

Instead, I'm growing.

Here's why...

1. Highly targeting my efforts.
2.  Going straight for the decision maker.
3. Increasing the amount of my marketing efforts.
4. Thinking outside the box and testing results. Refining were applicable.
5. Working my in-house list, while continuing to making sure it grows.

Ultimately, I have taken hits. Just like everyone else, I have suffered.
But I used that to feed the fire.

I turned it into fuel and implemented the above five points.
Things are turning around.

Now I am doing the same for a Japanese export client of mine.

I sincerely wish you, your colleague, and everyone else strength
in these challenging times. 

...and that was my advice.
I hope you got something from it.
Use it. Go grow your business today.

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Please remember that I am an American copywriter and translator in Japan.
So don't be surprised by the occasional tweet in Japanese.

One more thing...
I have a fairly new client that is an exporter of Japanese goods. I am really busy with 
this one client (and other clients), so there are delays in blog posts and replies. I am 
trying my best to be on top of things and keep up. So please be forgiving of slight delays.

Good luck to you and your endeavors,
Mac Bull

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