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“Business-in-a-box” idea for you.

My “BEST” post (so far) !

If you are waiting to start your business, then this is for you.

1. Go to WordPress and start a blog.

2. Go to http://wpbeginner.com and sign up for tips.

3. Pick a topic, for now let’s say: nature.

4. Write related blog posts. Drive traffic and build an in-house list of subscribers.

5. Find other related nature websites and do joint ventures, and get them to do a guest blog post.

6.Set up an Amazon affiliate account and sell Nature related products on your site.
How to here:

7. Go to “click bank” and do the same.
How to here:

8. Go to http://coffeedetective.com and study the site. The owner does minimal (NOT a lot) effort on this site and STILL makes $3-4,000 a month. (Last I checked)
Do the same and have people send in their nature pictures (not coffee).

9. Email your in-house list with offers to your “amazon affiliate” products…OF COURSE!

10. Keep repeating and growing. And make millions $$$ !

(NOTE: I just gave you so much information here, you have NO EXCUSE to not take action. You should probably be spanked if you don’t take action…No EXCUSES!).

Stay Awesome!


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Today we have:

A “BIG” business tip for

small and mid-sized businesses

In 7 easy steps 



I often see a lot of great advice in business forums and threads, but the advice in many cases focuses on the surrounding circumstances. This is important.



Of course.



But it is not the only answer. Sometimes a solid technique is what is called for, but there aren’t enough techniques. So here I am. Ready to give you a 7 step technique that you can implement today.



Here we go:

1. Outline the specific service or product that you wish to promote.

2. In addition to point number one: Run as many campaigns as you like, but focus on the one product or service for optimal results.

3. Rent a list or cull out the hottest prospects from your in-house list.

4. Send a post card mailing to these prospects. As I understand it, mail gets organized by sizes, so postcards go on top. Also a postcard is “open” so it often gets past the gatekeepers and a very cost effective tool in terms of direct mail.

5. In the post card: Introduce a website for a free download. Have information about your service or product. Or tell them that another package will be coming with more information, so look for it.

6. Be cryptic & persuasive with your postcard copy–BUT–not spooky.  Aim to generate interest.

7. Have your sales staff follow up by phone.



Land sales.

Then rinse and repeat.



Bonus point:
If possible, send an email too. Email combined with direct mail has increased results in many cases. Get that message in front of your prospect.

Good luck to you and your endeavors,
Mac Bull

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Once again, I was in a business forum and someone from overseas was looking to have their firm do a venture with a Japanese company. They were wondering how to go about doing that. To protect the privacy of the individual I have changed some of the information. But the content is all here.

Here was my advice:

It’s going to take some effort, but here is what I would do…

  1. Get the name of the decision maker at the company. Send this person a post card introducing who you/your firm is and why you are contacting them. Tell them that you will be sending more information soon. The post card is open. It is a great tool to get past the gatekeepers and introduce yourself. Get the attention. BUT…don’t tell everything. Not yet, build interest.
  2. Follow up with a letter that goes into the details of the venture project you aim to enter. Push the benefits. Talk about what’s in it for them. That’s how you will land the deal. Don’t toot your own horn and hope they jump on. Too many follow this path to sheer disaster.
  3. Send an e-mail or a fax reviewing the main points of the letter.
  4. Follow up with a phone call.

BONUS: If this is a cold approach to the Japanese company, which it sounds like it is, then you are going to have to gently introduce yourself and gradually build the relationship.

Don’t try to sell the deal in one shot. Big mistake.

Follow the 4 steps above and you will get your foot in the door. Also you will find your message in front of those you aim to reach. The rest is up to you to build the relationship and close the deal.

That was my advice.

I hope you found it useful and can use the information in your business dealings.

Good luck to you and your endeavors,

Mac Bull

Also: Your thoughts and feedback is greatly appreciated. So go ahead and leave a comment in the section below.

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Today’s message is for those in the startup arena or those marketing on a tight budget…for whatever the reason.


I have a very short message for you today.


I have found a place on the Internet that has quality images that you can use for your business and marketing purposes starting at the price of $1.


I like this site and used it in the past.


I recently remembered it, so I am sharing.


What is it?


Go here:





I hope that helps you out in regards to your business needs.


Good luck to you and your endeavors,

Mac Bull



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A Secret Japanese Marketing Technique

Did you see it? Look again.

A Secret Japanese Marketing Technique…


Take a closer look at the picture above…

Did you see it?

Did you notice the double apostrophe after the Y?

Your initial reaction maybe similar to mine. Who do we blame? The printer or the copywriter? Or both?

Well…possibly neither. This is perhaps an act of on or more of the following:

  1. English here in Japan is wide spread, and errors like this are equally wide spread.
  2. Someone really goofed on something quite simple. That would make the above questions applicable.
  3. This is an act of sheer GENIUS.

This billboard caught my eye and inspired me to take a picture and write this blog post. It is a serious grammatical error, but it is also an eye catcher.

It stands out.

Yes, just like the above sentence, it stands out. Think of the hundreds of cars that drive by this place daily. It is on a main street. The grammatical error is flaunted before the public’s eyes. And…

It will generate conversations.

It will create a buzz.

It will create word of mouth advertising.

Does this mean that you need to start grammatically destroying your advertising copy?

No, of course not. But the lesson here is a golden nugget. Here in Japan no one is going to torch the place over a mistake like this, but—at the same time–it does stand out enough that it makes you look twice.

So stand up,

Stand proud,


Stand Out in you advertising.

This copywriter thinks the reward will be well worth it.

That is the “Secret Japanese Marketing Technique” for you to start implementing today.

Good luck to you and your endeavors,

Mac Bull

P.S. I am fully booked with copywriting and translation projects for March. If you are interested in my availability for April/May you can email me. Go to the contact tab at the top of the page.


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I was over at Jerome and Angela’s blog earlier today. The title is “simplyincomenow” and I will give the URL at the end of this blog post. While I was visiting their blog, I tried to leave a comment, but it somehow deleted my comment twice– so I gave up. Technology was not on my side. Now I am doing a comment via a post on my own blog.

They have an interesting piece about not falling for certain marketing tactics. I was actually quite interested in the overall theme of the post. Although it is not clearly stated, they allude to the “buy with emotion-justify with logic” saying. Then they follow up with how not to find yourself doing exactly that. It caught my attention.

The thing that I want to disagree with though is the mentioning of Savador Assael and his black pearls. On the blog Angela and Jerome state that this “valueless item” was given a high-end price tag and then advertised as a high-end item. I found this a bit oversimplified. Upon researching a bit I found that Savador and his black pearls are such a high-end item that they were covered in Fortune 500 magazine (link to article at end of this blog post). This was a flag for me. First pearls are an expensive item hands down. The risk or lack of value comes from the fact that these were black pearls and they were virtually unknown and of questionable value in the market place. However, pearls being pearls they were given the high-end price and were advertised in the market place. And they SOLD. Therefore, my argument is not that these pearls were valueless but rather ingeniously marketed. I think this is a fantastic example of high risk endeavors marketed well and becoming a huge success. In closing, I want to say that it is an example for entrepreneurs, marketers and business owners alike to study and follow.

Disclaimer: Until I read Angela and Jerome’s blog I knew little of these black pearls. I researched a bit and have stated my opinion in this blog. Any misinformation is my own doing and is of no reflection or connection to Angela and Jerome’s blog. I was simply inspired by their blog post and took action. I hope you take the time to check out the link I have left to their blog and see what good things they have going on over there.

Also any comments are greatly appreciated and I will do my best to give quality responses.

URL links are listed below.

Thank you and good luck to you and your endeavors,

Mac Bull


Fortune 500 article:



SimplyIncomeNow-Jerome and Angela’s blog:



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Today I want to talk about storytelling. Storytelling in marketing is a highly effective and powerful tool. There are many reasons as to why this is the case, and I want to cover a few of these points.

First off, the people who know what they are interested in love to read about their interests. You may think I am wrong, but consider this…a person who loves baseball will read tons of magazines, books, player trading cards, statistic reports and more. Even if it is the back of a player trading card, it is still reading. The media is not a book, but it is a type of story that is being told; a story of the facts.

Also you can consider blogs and forums. These are text based stories. Just go to a martial arts blog, or a car forum, and you will see people telling short stories. Stories about how they lowered their car over the weekend, and what obstacles they overcame in doing so. Or a story about their favorite martial artist’s latest bout, and the incredible victory it was; or the severe let down it ended up being. People may have similar experiences and so they share, adding to the story. We can understand and relate to it.

Stories give us situations we can identify with. Some say they relieve tension, and cheer us up. That might not be far from the truth. A comedy movie is a type of story and all the TOP 10 films are ones that make people laugh and feel good.

Enter marketing…

Now what if you told a story it your e-mail to your list and tied it into your product? Let’s say you sold ice skates and you told a story about taking your child out ice skating on the weekend and the incredible smile and joy filled feelings it brought out. Now tie that smile and good cheer in to your ice skates that you sell, and let the potential customer know that your ice skates will deliver this good feeling to you and those close to you. Now you have their interest and emotional desire, hit them with the call to action. And I would not be surprised if you saw some noteworthy sales start happening.

It may take some creativity, but the results I reckon will be worth the effort.

Good luck to you and your endeavors,

Mac Bull

P.S. Your comments are always appreciated. Please feel free to leave one in the comment box below.

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