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Today we have:

A “BIG” business tip for

small and mid-sized businesses

In 7 easy steps 



I often see a lot of great advice in business forums and threads, but the advice in many cases focuses on the surrounding circumstances. This is important.



Of course.



But it is not the only answer. Sometimes a solid technique is what is called for, but there aren’t enough techniques. So here I am. Ready to give you a 7 step technique that you can implement today.



Here we go:

1. Outline the specific service or product that you wish to promote.

2. In addition to point number one: Run as many campaigns as you like, but focus on the one product or service for optimal results.

3. Rent a list or cull out the hottest prospects from your in-house list.

4. Send a post card mailing to these prospects. As I understand it, mail gets organized by sizes, so postcards go on top. Also a postcard is “open” so it often gets past the gatekeepers and a very cost effective tool in terms of direct mail.

5. In the post card: Introduce a website for a free download. Have information about your service or product. Or tell them that another package will be coming with more information, so look for it.

6. Be cryptic & persuasive with your postcard copy–BUT–not spooky.  Aim to generate interest.

7. Have your sales staff follow up by phone.



Land sales.

Then rinse and repeat.



Bonus point:
If possible, send an email too. Email combined with direct mail has increased results in many cases. Get that message in front of your prospect.

Good luck to you and your endeavors,
Mac Bull

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