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Wide or Deep?


This is likely to be a short post, because the answer is so obvious that I probably don’t even need to say it, but get on good old “Flakebook” (Facebook) and you will find people asking:

“How can I be authentic?”



Are you (expletive deleted) kidding me?!

OK…deep breath, I will stop there before I explode into a verbally violent rant.

(Sorry to those wanting…maybe next time.)


Alright, back to it then…

Question: Wide or deep?
Answer: Deep.




Oh, an explanation.


You have two slices of bread.

One slice has a layer of peanut butter thinly spread, but it reaches all the corners and covers the entire slice. However, the truth is it will fall short of satisfying, and the “real” gaps will reveal themselves. In business, this can come in the form of customer or client objections.


This my friends is “wide”.


The other slice has a thick coat of peanut butter. That thick and heavy covering “naturally” covers the slice to all corners, and yet, still manages to maintain a thick quality covering. So filling and satisfying. I’m smiling just thinking about chomp down time on that slice of bread covered in peanut butter.


This is of course “deep”.


In business, an objections or other issues will easily be thwarted or managed by this effort, knowledge, or even product or service.


So, how does one achieve this?

Diligent Time + Sound Effort = Deep


In other words, do your homework.


Let’s say you are doing a handful of case studies to fulfill a quota.


But don’t produce “soggy cookie” quality, just because it is quota filler. Do the homework, if your “snaggle-gooked” for time, outsource to a copywriter (No sorry, not a pitch for my services). Look:

1. Do the deep dive.
2. Interview the experts.
3. Record the conversation.
4. Have your key questions ready to keep the interview on target, this will pay off BIG TIME later when you transcribe (or have it transcribed), so that it is already in an orderly fashion and can be divided into sections much easier, and then flushed out into the standard 2-4 page case study. Yeah okay, or more if required. A case study on a new to market piece of tech or software might be a good reason for this.


Might be.

Remember that.


Again, bottom line, do the work.

That’s deep.



Stay awesome,


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“Business-in-a-box” idea for you.

My “BEST” post (so far) !

If you are waiting to start your business, then this is for you.

1. Go to WordPress and start a blog.

2. Go to http://wpbeginner.com and sign up for tips.

3. Pick a topic, for now let’s say: nature.

4. Write related blog posts. Drive traffic and build an in-house list of subscribers.

5. Find other related nature websites and do joint ventures, and get them to do a guest blog post.

6.Set up an Amazon affiliate account and sell Nature related products on your site.
How to here:

7. Go to “click bank” and do the same.
How to here:

8. Go to http://coffeedetective.com and study the site. The owner does minimal (NOT a lot) effort on this site and STILL makes $3-4,000 a month. (Last I checked)
Do the same and have people send in their nature pictures (not coffee).

9. Email your in-house list with offers to your “amazon affiliate” products…OF COURSE!

10. Keep repeating and growing. And make millions $$$ !

(NOTE: I just gave you so much information here, you have NO EXCUSE to not take action. You should probably be spanked if you don’t take action…No EXCUSES!).

Stay Awesome!

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Yes, you read the title correctly.

Because your email is the same.
If it “stinks” everyone is going to know it.

Which means, if your email is:
-Long and boring
-Short and boring
(Zzzzzz—sleeping—your email has bored them to sleep!)
-Dry content
…and so on.

You have just committed “seppuku” by email.
That means no sales and loss of:
-Customer interest
-Movement through your sales funnel
-And more


Long emails or short emails…it doesn’t matter.
(Long emails won’t get read—MYTH!)

If you have interesting information, that entertains and informs, then your emails will get read. And sales will be made, as customers and clients get pulled through your sales funnel.

That’s it.
Use it and succeed.

I know that you are a smart and savvy business professional. So I know that you understand this tip can also be used in other forms of marketing.

The key has been put in your hand, now open the door to email success.

Stay Awesome,
PS…If you’re ready for email success, then contact me today.

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Guess what?

Give up?

Cool, here we go…

After ignoring this site/blog…whatever it is…

I am back.




You (maybe): Ummm…”Re-Awesomed” that’s a made up word there, Mac.

Me: So what?!


1. I’m back.

2. I’m am no longer going to tippy-toe and try be the polite,make everybody happy guy.

3. I know some of the older posts have some awkward font sizes and stuff.
I tried to fix it, I couldn’t…so after I figure it all out–the “how to” (remember 5 year absence), I will archive the past posts, and “roll out” with the NEW.



If you like, then…enjoy, welcome, and stick around. It will be fun and informative.

Otherwise, Good-bye.

Really, I don’t care.
I don’t want your unsolicited opinion.
But good luck to you and your endeavors.

That is all.

Stay Awesome,

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